Whether you are building a new warehouse, installing a home, or refurbishing an old one, you have to decide what to use as your primary building materials. Brick and mortar buildings are historically known for being the most popular. But nowadays, metal buildings are the new favourite in the construction industry.

If you plan for a construction project, you want to get the best value for your money. With so many options out there, it makes sense to look at the two significant types of building materials available, brick & mortar and metal buildings.

Before investing in any building, it's crucial to check which one will be worthy for the long term or short term. Since constructing a building is a big thing that requires money and time, it's essential to make the right choice. That's why you need to know the price differences and more about both types of buildings. Read on to see the price difference between brick and mortar vs. metal buildings.

The Cost Comparison Between Traditional Buildings vs. Prefab Metal Buildings

Costing your building project is no easy task, especially when comparing different building materials prices. But the cost is one of many factors in your buying decision. You will also want to consider durability, maintenance, cost savings over time, and aesthetics. Let's make a quick cost comparison between traditional brick-and-mortar buildings vs. metal buildings.

The Cost of Prefab Metal Buildings

A prefabricated metal building is made from metal sheets that are manufactured in a factory. When the components of these buildings are manufactured, they are sent to the construction site within a few days or weeks. Metal buildings come in many variations, styles, and sizes, but they are all constructed using the same process. It allows you to make changes to the size, shape, or design very quickly.

Metal buildings can be customized, so they perfectly fit the needs of your business and anticipated growth, making them much more affordable in the long term. As you can easily have custom-built your structure, the prices significantly change as per the design of the building. In addition, the costs will also vary from location to location. The price of metal buildings also depends on their size and the features you add to your structure. Usually, the cost is determined per square foot. A metal building can be built on a solid foundation, but it is recommended to build a concrete foundation, so you also have to spend on that. 

The Cost of Traditional Brick and Mortar Buildings

The cost of a prefabricated metal building is less than constructing a brick-and-mortar one. You have to spend more on the equipment and materials needed for traditional buildings. You will also have to pay for installing a roof, which can add up to thousands of dollars. 

The amount of labor required for constructing a traditional building is higher; that's why it would be costlier to build these buildings. Compared to the cost per square foot to install a prefab metal building, the price of a traditional building is much higher. There is no need to work more than working hours on-site to install the metal building.

Things to Compare Besides Cost

As of now, you have information about the prices of both building materials. Still, there are many things that you must consider before selecting building materials. Here are the items to compare other than cost:

  1. Speed of Construction

The brick & mortar building requires various steps such as mixing and pouring concrete, which is why it is a time-consuming construction process. On the other hand, metal buildings do not require considerable time to be erected completely. This is because metal building components are prefabricated at the factory, reducing the workload to create the components on the construction site. The metal building components are installed quickly without any barriers.

  1. Environmentally Friendly Construction

The best thing about metal buildings is they are eco-friendly as they are made of recycled materials. This ultimately helps in saving natural resources. Metal such as steel is considered the most recycled material. Steel can be recycled endlessly and does not lose its strength. After decades, if the structure degrades, you can recycle the metal component and make money out of it. On the other hand, a building made of brick and mortar is not recyclable. In addition, these buildings create wastage at the time of construction. 

  1. Robustness

Brick and mortar structures comparatively possess less strength and durability. That's why these structures cannot efficiently withstand extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, steel buildings are pre-engineered and have high strength, making them resistant to various weather conditions.

  1. Building Weight

Brick and mortar structure turns out to be very heavy when the structure is built because bricks are heavier, increasing building weight. At the same time, the building is constructed out of steel is lightweight. Thus, it requires less material which is why the cost of building is less. 

In conclusion, now that you have gained information about the prices of both brick and mortar buildings and metal buildings, you should decide the best one for your needs. Although, metal building prices range significantly depending on the type of building and features you want. The cost of a metal building tends to be less than a brick-and-mortar building because they are more cost-efficient and easier to put up without sacrificing quality construction. Metal buildings are not only cost-effective but are also durable, customizable, and eco-friendly.